Pricing at Vishranti

Since sustainability of the project is one of our prime responsibilities, therefore, the project Vishranti is envisaged on pay and stay basis. However, for those who cannot pay and do not have any source of income, the trust may make provisions, subject to sustainability.

Refundable Security

One time refundable security will have to be deposited in advance by inmates desiring to stay at Vishranti. This security will be refunded, without any interest, at the time when the inmates would want to leave Vishranti. In case of any medical emergency where hospitalization is required, expenses towards such hospitalization would be met out of this fund. Upon the recovery of the senior citizen, after the discharge, the incurred expense will have to be replenished by the senior citizen to the same amount as decided priorly. In case of any casualty, any remaining amount of security, after settling hospitalization expenditure, will be refunded, without any interest, to the next kin of the senior citizen. For detailed information, read rules and regulations carefully.

Amount of security deposit will be different for standard and suite rooms.

Monthly Charges

In view of sustaining the operations at Vishranti, inmates will have to pay monthly charges as decided by the management. These monthly charges will include boarding-lodging and all meals. Any other service may be charged as decided by the management.

Electricity charges will be paid by the inmates as per the consumption and meter reading. All the accommodations are installed with individual meters.


Standard Rooms

Sr. No. Description Get Details
1. rooms (Single Occupancy) Sharing Click Here
2. rooms (Single occupancy) Non-Sharing Click Here
3. rooms (Double occupancy) Husband and Wife Click Here

Suite Room

Sr. No. Description Get Details
1. Suite (Single occupancy) Sharing Click Here
2. Suite (Single occupancy) Non-Sharing Click here
3. Suite (Double occupancy) Husband and Wife Click Here

Note: Rates above are subject to change as per the periodical review and decision of Vishranti Management Committee.

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