Vishranti Facility



At Vishranti you will get two options of accommodation to choose from. We offer you a standard room which includes a fully furnished 16×12 Feet bedroom with attached bathroom and a kitchenette. However, if you wish to choose a bigger accommodation, we offer a Suite accommodation which includes, a 12×8 Feet sized furnished living room, a 16×12 Feet fully furnished bedroom, with premium quality upholstery and upgraded equipment at your disposal.


Indoor-Outdoor Walking Track

A gentle stroll is what we need to remain active as a senior citizen. Indoor walking corridor, having anti-skid surface is one of the salient features of the campus which facilitates rain-proof walking activity for the in-mates living in Vishranti. And when the weather is sunny, Vishranti will offer you a lengthy outdoor walking track within the campus. But if you enjoy long walks, you can step out and may have a round in the campus area.


Common Prayer Hall

Vishranti is ready to wake you up with the devout rays of divine energy emanating from its common prayer hall. A temple of Shri Radha-Krishan ji is exclusively built keeping in view the spiritual pursuit of our senior citizens. It is a beautiful temple, constructed in typical Himachali style of architecture (Kaath-kuni) where you can sit, meditate and explore within you the You!


AV Hall

Entertainment is one of the recreational activities that help restore the sanctity of our mind. Sanctitude is invariably important in all age groups. Therefore, at Vishranti, we have built a large hall for entertainment activities. In the AV Hall at Vishranti either you can coalesce in folk music, dance and Sufi chants or simply can sit and enjoy a movie of your choice. There is a lot more we do to abstain you from boredom and keep you jubilant and rested completely. This is why we call it Vishranti.


Common Activity Area

A chit-chat, a little gossip and funny ways of keeping oneself lively as a child – we pay a keen attention to even trivial needs of life. This is why we have dedicated an exclusive hall for self-entertaining activities at Vishranti. Here you can indulge yourself in indoor-games like playing cards, chess, bridge, carrom or simply can sit with your folks and gossip endlessly without any interruption.


Yoga Hall

A morning Yoga is what we all need to kick-start the day in a style to remain active positively. Yoga not only promotes our physical flexibility but also maintains a good posture. At Vishranti we have especially built a common hall for Yoga. Our experts from Kayakalp have carefully designed a protocol which shall suit the needs of our Senior Citizens. Gentle forms of Yogic exercises and deep relaxation techniques from Yoga will keep you agile and refreshed all day at Vishranti.



We understand that reading is an absolute necessity for a senior citizen to keep the brain positively engaged. Reading keeps our mind young and healthy. Therefore, we have created an exclusive space for reading at Vishranti. You can pick your newspaper and sit in the library or simply go to the gallery and read your favorite book in the backdrop of majestic Dhauladhar. Vishranti wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

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