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Welcome to Vishranti

Vishranti is a heavenly place to live the second innings of
your life with Dignity.

In the sprawling campus of Vivekanand Parisar at Palampur, the trust dedicates a dignified assisted living home for Senior Citizens – Vishranti – a fully furnished, old-age friendly, pay and stay residential facility, ensconced in the foot-hills of Himalaya which is well-surrounded by 24-hours medical services like acute emergency and geriatric care facilities within the reach in a few minutes.

Vishranti is designed with a touch of Himalayan architecture in a courtyard style of building to nurture a feeling of community living – a much needed elixir for our aging mind and body.

At Vishranti we envision serving compassionately to the commune which is full of experience, knowledge and intellect but requires a touch of empathy and youthful care.

The campus is old-age friendly and rooms are well appointed with reverse cycle air-conditioning systems, suitable for all weather conditions. Each room is attached to a bathroom, a kitchenette and the accommodation supports sufficient storage space needed for a couple.

A gentle stroll is what we need to remain active as a senior citizen. Indoor walking corridor, having anti-skid surface, is one of the salient features of the campus which facilitates rain-proof walking activity.

We offer two types of accommodations – Standard rooms (48) and Deluxe Suites (16).Can choose an accommodation as they like. Rooms have all the basic facilities that one needs to spend his/her life positively.

Apart from the other facilities, a 24-hours house-keeping assistance, regular nursing-care rounds and a well-appointed sick room are just an edge above the homely care which we deem to extend to our esteemed residents of Vishranti.

A common dining facility is being provided to take all the hassle away from the residents of Vishranti. Besides, we also created a common activity hall so that you can spend your spare time in leisure activities or you can sit in the library and read what you may like. If not, then you can have a good sunbath or simply chit-chat while sitting in gazebos, constructed especially for you.

For keeping the vibes positive inside the campus, Vishranti has a beautiful temple constructed in typical Himachali architecture (Kaath-kuni style), where you can sit, meditate and explore within you the You! Adding to all the luxury available in Vishranti.

To resolve any medical emergency or to address your geriatric needs respectively, VMI and
Kayakalp are available at your arm’s length.


Come, be a part of Vishranti!

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